Äimärautio exhibition at Oulu Art Museum.

Äimärautio exhibition opens at Oulu Art museum on June 14th. The exhibition ocupies the main hall of the museum and the video space, which includes a brand new three channel video installation Unattainable – An Attemp to Capture The Essence of A Horse. It pictures a moving horse and continues to explores my fascination with horses and the aesthetic experience around horses. The exhibition is on till August 8th.

Äimärautio at the Finnish Museum of Photography’s Project Space 7.9.–11.11.2018

Part of my exhibition Äimärautio will be shown at the Finnish Museum of Photography’s Project Space from September.

Äimärautio is a place rich in encounters between human and horse. It is a community where horses are a way of life, and where people are united by the horse. The simple and direct encounters in my images reflect human passion and human commitment to horses. I explore through photography the need to be around horses and tell quiet stories about the contemporary horse culture.